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Success Stories

Our families love working with us.

Dana G.

I’ll never forget the first time my son was able to say the most beautiful words, “I love you Mama.” Speech therapy with Jenny was truly a blessing and my whole family, especially my son is extremely grateful.

Susan & Tom S.

Jenny is the most patient, kind, warm, empathetic, and understanding therapist we have worked with and open to dialogue with the family. She is also the most enthusiastic and engaged therapist we have worked with, and it’s clear she loves what she does and continues to strive to always learn and develop and get certified in new areas that would be beneficial to her clients.

Courtney P.

Jenny has been one of the best SLPs we have worked with. Her communication with me as a parent is excellent. She always lets me know what they’ve worked on each day and how my daughter is progressing in various areas. Jenny is someone I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is in need of assistance in the speech and language department. I just can’t say enough good things about her.

Ann O.

I introduced my son Victor to Jenny almost one year ago and it was truly the best decision I ever made. There was a bond from the beginning. She is truly one of a kind and would recommend her to anyone who has kids that struggle with speech or language issues.

Anissa H.

After several sessions with Jenny, my son Ethan’s speech improved tremendously. I highly recommend Jenny as an SLP.  Jenny is kind, professional and trustworthy.  She is great with kids. What I love is how she will get on the floor with the kids.  Jenny does what it takes to make your child feel comfortable opening up.

Stacy P.

The Speech Family is amazing! My son is now communicating and not getting so frustrated due to difficulty communicating. Wish we started earlier! Mr. Jeff as my son calls him is his highlight of the week. He would go everyday if he could! He is amazing and gave our son so much confidence with his peers. I am so glad I reached out to Jenny when I found the Speech Family. She understood my concerns and really paired our son to the right person!

Samantha B.

Jenny was not only wonderful for my son, who had a weekly appointment, but great for me as a new Mom. She explained everything to me and taught me everything I needed to feel comfortable working with him at home as well. I was always comforted knowing he looked forward to seeing her and I gained confidence along with him. I refer SpeechFamily at every opportunity and am so grateful Jenny came into our lives. I am amazed at the clinic that is now open in Dunwoody.

Kelli H.

After 3+ years of very hard work, our son Owen “graduated” from speech therapy today. The progress Owen has made, from being nonverbal to using sign language to now being fully verbal, amazes us every single day. And we could not have done this without his amazing speech therapist, Jenny. Words cannot express how much Jenny means to our family. We may not be seeing her every week now, but she will forever be a part of our family.

Madeline B.

Jenny literally changed my son and my family’s life. She has an incredible ability to recognize and cultivate the natural gifts each child possesses. Her ability to connect with my son and help me connect with my son was compassionate and masterful. She is someone who obviously truly loves children and loves what she does. She is willing and enthusiastic about going above and beyond for her clients. I will never forget that Jenny is the one who helped me to see my child’s amazing sense of humor and utilize it to develop his speech skills. We love Jenny!!!!!

Emily A.

We are actually sad that my daughter’s time with Ms. Jenny is over! I could tell from the beginning that Ms. Jenny truly enjoys working with children. My daughter loved having “speech lessons” with her and Ms. Jenny kept her engaged and happy the entire session. I also appreciated how forthright Ms. Jenny was in ending the engagement once she and I were both satisfied that my daughter’s speech issues were addressed. She was an absolute delight to work with and I am so thankful that we connected with her when we did!

Adrian J.

Jenny has been phenomenal! She has been working with my daughter for about a year and my daughter has made leaps and bounds in the progression of her speech! The minute my daughter met Jenny she immediately became comfortable and instantly connected with her. Jenny is more than a speech language pathologist, she is an integral part of my daughter’s growth and development. I highly recommend Jenny for your child and for your peace of mind as a parent to know that your child is receiving the best care. I also must mention my daughter absolutely LOVES Jenny!

Rachel H.

Jenny is truly patient and kind and always has a smile on her face. She seems to have a way to develop a strong rapport and bond with children she works with, and she is quite knowledgeable of school curriculum in Greater Atlanta. My daughter is always asking when she can see Jenny. We are very happy to have Jenny’s involvement and highly recommend her!

Allie & Eric R.

My family had the good fortune of crossing paths with SpeechFamily in July 2021. At this point, our daughter, then two and a half, had been in speech therapy previously but with little progress. We feared that developmental milestones might be delayed if her language skills didn’t soon begin to progress. After an initial consult, I immediately cancelled an evaluation I had scheduled with another therapist. I knew we had found our “family.”

In the past year, our daughter’s therapy has taken many forms. We have done individual sessions, social groups, and sessions at our home. Speech Family’s commitment to their students is unparalleled. Jenny has spoken to administrators at our daughter’s school to help understand what skills we need to target in the clinic. She has helped facilitate play between our daughter and other children at the playground in our neighborhood. She even visited her at church camp with one day’s notice to observe her behavior there.

One of the many things that makes the clinicians at Speech Family so effective is their ability to amend the treatment plan to the needs of each child. Their approach to therapy is never “one size fits all,” but instead specific to the needs of every child and ever evolving.

SpeechFamily’s amazing therapists have treated our daughter as if she were their own with kindness, love and patience and we are forever grateful to them.

Brooke K.

Jenny with Speech Family is amazing. My son met with her weekly to work on his phonics / phonological processing and absolutely adored her. She was dedicated and supportive, assisting us with additional assessments needed for my son. Great perspective through the testing process and trusted partner. Would highly recommend.